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WOW!! It looks fabulous! {I'm so jealous sitting here in extremely humid Indiana back in the States}

The girls are growing so quickly! Gotta love Noddles hair!


great pics, jan! thanks for sharing :) i know you and the rest of the gang are getting excited to travel back to the states...i HATE i am not gonna get to see ya!! travel safely...love and hugs!!

Michelle Adams

Yuck on the weather! But it looks like you all had fun anyway! :) Great photos!!!


What a whirlwind of a trip. I went to my sister's wedding out of state this last weekend and am still recovering. It seems you are always going somewhere! Phew how do you do it??? LOL

Kimberly Kwan

nut cup!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha you said nut cup on your blog!
nut cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are a NUT JOB!


Love all the photos! ESPECIALLY the on of Ghangus Khan...I mean you! You crack me up!! Has it been raining here the entire time we were on holiday?!


Jan, It looks like you had a good weekend despite the rain. I love you in the armor. Too Cute!!

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