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Kimberly Kwan

i' take oddly shaped greenish pancakes any day....i think i'd fall over dead if my hubby ever made ME pancakes!

Your digi LO of Norah is SUPERB! Really, knocked my socks of coolio!

miss you.
hope your box gets there soon and the German customs agents don't f- with it! :-)


Thank you very much for the wonderful kit at oscraps.
I jumped over and then family did not leave time to say thank you.
Therefor I know thank you and tell you, that I like the kit very much


Hey Jan.
Thanks for the freebies and welcome to OScraps...

BTW...I'll look up the page no. later, one of the designs in the the Digital Scrapbook Mag by Simple Scrapbooks, has a layout with some of your stuff in it...
You name jumped out at me, as I was checking out the layouts.
I'll figure out which one and let you know.

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